2016 Reading List!

You’re busy, I know.  Everyone wishes they had another hour or two in their day, I get it!   But two, three, five, ten years down the line, you’ll wish you had read more books.   No matter what your goals are for yourself – whether you want to land a new job, learn more about something or more about yourself, or simply be a fantastic, well rounded person, reading will help you get there!   How do I make sure I stay up on my personal development?  In 2014, I decided I needed to set a literary goal to make sure I was prioritizing my reading and learning.  I decided I would read 26 books that year – one every two weeks.   And, wouldn’t you know, I met it! (Albeit on the last day of 2014, but darn it, I made it!)   So, for 2015, my goal was to read more than 26 books.  At least one new book every two weeks.  Some months contained more reading than others, and some books are faster than others.  Happens.  And I met that goal, too!   So, my newest goal for 2016 is to read at least 30 books.  And so far, I’m on target!  My theme so far is related to education with a smattering of fiction works to keep me balanced.  My guess, though, is that...

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