Every traveller should have a bucket list.

For me, my bucket list is a goal, not a dream.  It lists the places I have every intention of going – I’m just working on finding the right time, completing my list of things to do, places to see, and books to read.

Bucket lists help aspiring travellers to take the first step in the planning process.  For those of us with anxiety, it helps us to narrow down an immense, unfathomable quantity of places into a shortlist of love-tos.  It essentially replaces a menu from the Cheesecake Factory with a prix-fixe of 3-5 choices, and I don’t like mushrooms, so it helps make it even easier.  It takes Pinterest pipe-dreams and makes them into a To-Do list.


A few notes about my bucket list: festival

  • I love a great festival.  I really enjoy the excitement and the beauty of so many people coming together just to be together and share in a common experience.  It may or may not bring me to tears on occasion.  I love to be swept away!
  • Cities tend to be a necessary means to an end in my travel.  I prefer smaller towns where life is a tad slower, people are a tad more welcoming, or the culture is a tad more unique.  Think Williamsburg of NYC.  Think Haight-Ashbury of San Fransisco.  Think Kyoto vs. Tokyo.  All the tiny towns across the globe.
  • I am in a phase where I’m really into interesting geographic features.  We’ve been to a number of cenotes in the past year and done some amazing hikes through gorges and to waterfalls.  Nature is peace.
  • I also love a great resort and retreat.  My new year’s intentions this year mean that I’m embracing the calm, and, quite as you’d expect, resorts can be phenomenal for channeling your inner zen.






My List:

Galapagos Islands




Aguas Calientes, Peru

Zakynthos, Greece

Marrakech, Morocco

Venice, Italy




New Zealand



For more of my places I hope to go soon, follow my Bucket List on Pinterest!  Any I missed?  Leave it in the comments, below!


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