We’ve all been there.  It’s the morning that we’re supposed to hike to El Limon, and we’re frantically Googling.

Cascada El Limon

“Hike to El Limon”

“Hike to El Limon no car”

“Hike to El Limon no guide”

“Hike El Limon without car or guide”

“Hike El Limon no car no guide no horse”

“Hike El Limon no car no guide no horse with luggage”

And finally, I turn to Mark, exhausted and sticky at 8 am, “What the hell – someone MUST have done this before, why can’t we find anything!?”

We turn to Trip Advisor, where, luckily, we do find a map someone contributed, and learn that there’s THREE hikes to get to Cascada El Limon, but for crying out loud – has NO ONE done this without renting a car, a guide or a horse?!  How do people get around here!?  There has to be SOMETHING.  Someone MUST have been here.

With my luggage packed, and my sunscreen applied, I sit on the bed, arms folded and pout.  This is a familiar feeling.  When planning my summer in Greece, I sat for hours in coffee shops searching and searching for ways to get around the countryside without a car.  Always with little result, always wishing someone would just write up the things they’d done so I could have some semblance of a plan when embarking on the same journey myself.

“Mark, when we get home, we need to put this stuff up so other folks can benefit from all the research we do.”

And that’s how our travel blog idea was born.

It all stemmed from wanting to share the tips and tricks we’ve found for getting around in other countries for the last 12 years without having to rent a car.  From there, the travel blog idea has evolved.  Mark has taken on the transportation aspect and it’s his baby, for sure.  I’ve always lamented the impersonal nature of the travel sites I’ve found and wanted someone to lay down the reality of being in any place without mincing words yet providing deep insights into the culture.


Your pictures are beautiful!  Now where’s the meat??

And so, with that, I welcome you.  Come, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile.  Roll around in the sand and get to know me a little better.  Experience the world through my eyes, my brain, and my heart.  I hope you’ll benefit from our trials and tribulations, be inspired to up your travel ante, and think of travelling just a little differently than you did before.

Curious how that day ended up?  Check out Mark’s suggestions for Hiking Cascada El Limon…Alone or my post about Anxiety Tickles at El Limon.



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